One Staff Solution provides Bodyguard Services. Our bodyguards are available to all client groups, with their variable demands, circumstances & unique and sometimes unusual needs connected with their professions, life-styles, activities or position.

Our bodyguards are drilled to the most high-level of professional criteria. All our personnel are required to go through an essential training curriculum which includes supervising workplaces, curtail abuse and violence, methods in close protective cover, conflict management, evacuation operations, selecting safe travel routes. Our personnel must all possess skilful communication expertise, a commanding and unwavering sense of self discipline, required by our bodyguards.

Our bodyguards are not the pug-faced individuals that are sometimes associated with the profession. They are well groomed, educated and courteous. They can be used in numerous different spheres, such as cordial reception, transportation, health & exercise and individualised aid. The approach of today’s bodyguard is based on case-by-case bodyguard techniques and tactics (IBG) to furnish committed individualised protection.

Our bodyguards all have armed forces experience and long backgrounds in every sphere of the close protection industry. They are disciplined and trained to the maximum professional criteria. Our staffs go through frequent training and development in all aspects of the bodyguard industry and perpetually improving their abilities and expertise.

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