One Staff Solution provides an extremely specialised team of detectives and researchers. All are extremely well qualified with years of experience in the trade of investigating.

They’ve acquired their considerable experience through numerous years of investigating instances involving: tracing/ finding people, observing surreptitiously, investigating and locating concealed assets, matrimonial adulterous spouse investigations, unfaithful partner surveillance and a countless of different researches.

Maybe you are troubled about unfaithfulness or cheating.

Or require solutions to intuitions you have, we are extremely competent to assist.

We recognise that referring your concerns to a private detective to check up on your cherished one is a very serious and difficult decision, but surviving with dread, doubt and uncertainty is difficult to endure.

An investigation can normally either reinstate trust in you and your partner’s relationship, or maybe at least yield the truths in order to put you in command, of the situation and choose with confidence whatsoever decision you may care to necessitate your future.

Need to search for a missing person?

Our team of private detectives are able to assist and find missing persons throughout the UK and also are able to operate globally. We’re masters in seeking and locating distant acquaintances, parents, long lost relatives, partners and spouses.

Examining a someone history with a Background Check

Whether to assist you in arriving at the correct engaging conclusion or for the mere motivation to know something regarding a person in your life or just to employ a nanny for your children, a home worker, even a new partner we can help. We have assisted clients contemplating a business partner. Background written report will impart total assurance to make an informed decision.

Trace missing debtors in the United Kingdom

We empathise that in business enterprise timing can be all important – un-discharged debts payable to you may be unrecoverable whenever the debtor isn’t found in a speedy and expeditious way.

Difficulty in locating and tracing debtors can often occur, telephone numbers can be disconnected and companies can move premises and change trading names, leaving you with no way to pursue payment.

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