One Staff Solution provides private investigators service in London. We are able to accept a range of diverse investigations. We use private investigators who are ex-police officers with a established record of successful investigatory operations

If you believe your partner is cheating.

If you believe your partner is being disloyal to you, Contact us in full confidence and whatsoever the result, you’ll leastwise possess the results that you seek.

Our written report will come with photographic and/or video proof. These will establish that either your concerns are vindicated and that your partner has been perfidious, or not.

Honey traps

The more common Honey trap probe is when a client requires us to prove their partner’s integrity. An appealing woman or man as is called for by the assignment is engaged to produce a casual encounter with the subject and begin a coquettish conversation.

Will they divulge that they’re already committed to a relationship at the beginning or do they pretend to be uncommitted? Determining the faithful intents of your partner whilst confronted with the realness of this off casual opportunity

Background verification

Whether to assist you in arriving at the right employing conclusion or for the simple requirement to know something about an individual in your life or to be in a trusted position, then a background study will impart you complete peace of mind.

Pre-Divorce / Pre-Marriage check

Nanny checks

Teenager Activity Report

Relationship report

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Company / Director Checks

Lifestyle Reports

Electronic spy bug and camera sweeps

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