With increasing challenges to the retail trade attempting to stop or drastically reduce stealing in their stores, or in some cases robbery, armed or otherwise, the requirement for stringent and improved security throughout retails stores and its customers is rising, whilst stores are confronting demanding challenges of continuing to preserve their inventory secure whilst rendering their customers with a pleasurable, shopping surroundings and experience.

Our retail security guards are competent and capable to assist in minimising merchandise loss in addition to giving your customers extra confidence and assistance when required, while shopping at your store.

We offer security for every single aspect of the retail business from emphasising reducing loss thought pilfering.

We have an all embracing experience in setting up sales outlets security. Our security guards are experienced in recognising possible theft threats at the same time ensuring that honest purchasers feel secure. Our retail security measures cover complete areas, including off-limits employee only areas. With a visible security guard on duty shoppers will feel secure and theft will be diminished drastically. Potentially making our protective cover; self-funding and increase profit margins

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