One Staff Solution provides professional, disciplined, SIA accredited security guards. We supply security officers for all types of retail stores, storage warehouses, building sites, trains, hospitals, hotels, business security and many more.

No business organisation can survive or develop without a safe and protected surroundings. You’ve to guarantee business continuity in all conditions, secure your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling admittance to them. Deciding to engage accredited security guards isn’t a choice, it’s the Law.

In the context of numerous security challenges that we currently confront, the key to alleviating the risks and preventing losses rests in being informed, vigilant and organised at all times.
To be proactive rather than reactive.

The security company you select must represent professional expertise and provide highly disciplined and licensed guards competent of supplying you with the degree of security and protection that accommodates your business enterprise and operations and corresponds to the risk expected.

One Staff Solution possesses numerous years of experience in rendering professional security guards and can provide your business enterprise the most proficient degree of security and foremost guarding services to match your specialised security demands.

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